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A phobia is much common problem of anxiety disorder normally the condition is frequent, generally, it causes a person to feel extreme, irrational fear about any of the situation, people, living creature, place, or object. As whenever a person has a phobia or fear of something, they usually mark and often shape their lives to avoid what they consider to feel dangerous.

Phobias can be easily treatable with some of the sessions of treatment as these are diagnosable mental disorders. A person with a phobia will feel differently when they faced intense distress. The diagnosis must be done as soon as to keep mental health stable, which the process can prevent them from the process as normally and sometimes, it leads to panic attacks.

The condition which usually triggers the most, it was found there are three types of phobias by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The recognized phobia includes:

Specific phobia: This occurs much frequently which is an intense, irrational fear towards a specific trigger.

Social phobia, or social anxiety: This fear is generally towards the public humiliation or judged by many in a social situation generally. The individual who has social phobia is terrified to go to large social gatherings. This condition is different not just mean of shyness.

Agoraphobia: this fear is generally occurring in the out space when facing the public, which the panic attacks come most constantly, were the person not experience this feeling as on their home.

An individual who has a phobia will experience the following symptoms. These are much common across the majority of phobias:

  • The uncontrollable anxiety sensation which occurs, when exposed to the source of fear
  • A feeling you experience the source that fear must be avoided at all costs
  • Cannot make the decision or not able to function properly when exposed to the trigger
  • Acknowledgment where the phobia is unreasonable, irrational, and exaggerated, which is combined where the feelings are not been controlled over time.


In general, the phobia is much usually got to occur in the earlier period of life which is childhood, teenage is the most affecting one, or adulthood, which the condition is unusual for a phobia to start after the age of 30 and more.

The situation where it can be caused by a stressful experience, or by a frightening event, or a parent or household member with a phobia that can occur for any reason.

Specific phobias

These phobias are usually developed before the earlier age group of 5 to 8 years. While some children may be the result of a traumatic early fear experience.

Phobias that occur during childhood are majorly caused by the family members witnessing the phobia. It can be inherited if the mother of the child has arachnophobia, for example, then have more chance of the same phobia developing in the child.

Complex phobias

As many studies and the research going on where it was proved that complex phobias are generally caused by a combination of life experiences, genetics and brain chemical imbalance.


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