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Post Covid-19 Parenting Care

Post Covid-19 Parenting Care

The pandemic of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has totally changed our regular survival in this world, the life is just got disturbed, while it has just changed and still changing our family life. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and other Cultural Organization estimates 1·38 billion children are out of school or in child care, without access to group or social activities, a team of sports, or even a playground.

Parents and caregivers are now trying to attempt their work more remotely or even far unable to work as of now, while caring for children, with no clarity on how long the situation will last. For many parents, just keeping their children busy with some activities and safe at their home is a daunting prospect that is following around. For the people who live in low-income or middle-class and crowded households, these difficulties are far exacerbated.

Transitions can be hard for children and families

Nowadays, the young children are often wary of strangers, while they are more advanced to face this society, just because good parenting is required in the place to empower, and by knowing all of them are also want to stay close to their parents and other familiar and trusted caretakers. Until they are matured enough to talk openly and much clear about their corresponding feelings, while even for a parent it’s hard to understand while it was explained to them that a new caregiver is going to protect them safely, which also means it takes time for children to get adapt to their new member or used to new people. School-aged kids who are much sensitive on their duties or now can be easily worried, may need extra time to adjust or adapt to the new people. It’s now easier for young baby’s or children to make the transition if they have spent some time with their parents and the new person together. While the parents are also now more worried about their children who make the act of transition, it’s simpler for parents to keep calm and know their child’s teacher and feel comfortable with them at the place.

But the situation of the critical pandemic of hardship can also allow for building or some kind of creative opportunity to create the strongest bond of relationships with our children and even in adolescents. WHO, UNICEF, which is the Global Partnership to terminate the Violence Against Children, the United States of America and their Agency for International Development USAID, the US Centers for Disease Control and its previous Prevention (CDC), Parenting for Lifelong Health and the UK has Researched while their practices of Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund was initially Accelerating Achievement for Africa's Adolescents units are collaborating to provide or offer open access online parenting resources during the pandemic COVID-19.

This should be very much keen on its process while it too has serious implications on several factors. Its various proof over the research shows that violence and vulnerability are raised for children during periods of school closures connected with health emergencies. In today's world, the parents and children are living their life with highly stressed, media hype, and fear, all other term challenging force limits on our regular capacity for tolerance and also in while in thinking long term. For many people around the globe, the economic impact was one of the major crises which also increases parenting stress, abuse, and violence against their children.


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