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Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is much common and the most used treatment for treating the cancer condition, the method by which the beams of intense energy are used to kill developed cancer cells. As for the radiation therapy, mostly the protons are used but also can other energy and most often X-rays are used.

Radiation therapy is the use of some effective energy to eliminate any condition which is especially cancer cells. This type of radiation, which is processed with high-energy beams comes from a machine outside of your body that aims the beams at a precise point on your body. During a different type of radiation treatment called brachytherapy, which is the radiation were placed inside your body.

Radiation therapy normally damages the cells completely also by destroying the presence of genetic material which makes the controls and manages how cells grow and divide. In this process, as both healthy and cancerous cells are get damaged by the rays of radiation therapy, the main goal of radiation therapy is to focus on destroying cancerous cells as few normal, healthy cells as possible. The normal cells can regrow or often repair by themselves much of the damage caused by radiation.

Who gets radiation therapy?

This therapy was most probably for treating the cancerous condition, where more than half of people with cancer get radiation therapy. Sometimes, radiation therapy is the only cancer treatment needed and sometimes it's often widely used on other types of treatment. Radiation therapy is used for the patients depending on the type and stage of cancer, and other health problems a patient might have.

How is radiation therapy given?

Radiation therapy can be given in 3 ways:

• External radiation (or external beam radiation): A person receiving external radiation is not radioactive and not required or have to follow special safety precautions at home.

• Internal radiation: Internal radiation is also called brachytherapy. A radioactive source is put inside the body into or near the tumor. With some types of brachytherapy, radiation might be placed and left in the body to work. Sometimes it is placed in the body for a period of time and then removed. This is decided based on the type of cancer.

• Systemic radiation: Radioactive drugs given by mouth or put into a vein are used to treat certain types of cancer. These drugs then travel throughout the body. You might have to follow special precautions at home for a period of time after these drugs are given.

Risks or side effects

Radiation therapy side effects majorly depend on which area of your body is being exposed to radiation therapy and how much radiation is been used is mostly dependent. After the treatment you may experience no side effects, sometimes you may experience. Most of the side effects of this therapy are temporary which can be managed and controlled and also can disappear over time once treatment has been done.


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