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Semen analysis for Assessment of fertility

Semen analysis for Assessment of fertility

Semen analysis is a test that was taken to man’s sperm and semen, which to test fertility problems. The produce or the test are also known as a sperm count or male fertility test, the test results show as total sperm count and how many sperm are released, as it also checks the structure and shape and also how well they move Semen which is the thick fluid which first exits out from men’s penis when they ejaculate during sexual activity. Which carries sperm out of a man’s body so it can fertilize an egg and create an embryo successfully.

Why Have a Semen Analysis?

As if you and your partner are facing trouble for getting pregnant even after trying for years with unprotected sex, then you must do or you’re your healthcare and take the first tests which your doctor will suggest and more likely they ask for the semen analysis in major.

In this case, both men and women can have problems so the test was basically taken to both as this was taken to male-only, if have issues with some of the male fertility, then can play a part usually for many conditions of all infertility cases. And male infertility is majorly caused by low sperm production.

Semen Analysis Procedures

A semen analysis procedure involves a pre-preparation of the patient in the following ways:

  • Abstain from sex and masturbation for 2 to 5 days before the test
  • One must avoid alcohol, caffeine, and drugs for 2 to 5 days before the test
  • Avoid taking herbal supplements or hormone medications
  • Do not use any lubricant while taking the sample of your semen

The test involves and also it was recommended to the male to give your sample along with the ejaculating into a collection container at the center. But in this, if you are facing problems or uncomfortable collecting, you can also collect the sample in many ways, like masturbating, sex with a condom, or sex with your partner and withdrawing before ejaculation. Make sure to keep the semen at body temperature and also deliver it to the testing facility within one hour of collecting the sample.

Why is Semen Analysis Test Recommended?

A semen analysis is usually requested in the following situations.

Male infertility - A semen analysis test is usually done when a doctor suggests the test thinking that a man or couple might have a fertility problem. It’s needed to be used together with other clinical information when a doctor is investigating infertility. A semen analysis test should be done 3 months apart on two samples. If the sperm analysis test result is abnormal then a second analysis can be done.

Vasectomy – The semen analysis test is also recommended after a man has had a vasectomy to check if there is any presence of sperm in the semen, hence, to determine if the vasectomy was successful.

Vasectomy Reversal – After a vasectomy reversal procedure the semen test was performed, to check if the procedure was successful. After the vasectomy reversal procedure, the semen analysis test result should show the presence of a good quantity of sperm in the ejaculate.


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