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Slim & Trim

Slim & Trim

Avoid a tight squeeze

Never buy anything too tight-forget about slimming into a skirt or dress you fall in love with in the shop. Tight clothes show off the kilos mercilessly, while loose fitting but narrow clothes flatter your figure.

Movement is everything

Every kind of sport stimulates the metabolism. Make sure you choose a form of exercise that really suits you-alone or with friends, indoors or out-only then will you stick with it.

Avoid pleats and turn-ups

Turn-ups on trousers and pleats on a skirt make you look shorter and fatter, even if you wear something loose as a cover-up.

Don’t skip meals

"I only had coffee for breakfast"-this is not clever dieting. Each meal stimulates your metabolism for a couple of hours by 10 to 20 percent. So your body uses up more calories when you eat a little but often, than if you skip meals altogether.


If you arrive home absolutely famished, you are more likely to head straight for the fridge. So always eat something regularly-an apple, with just 70 calories, is a good snack on the way home.


Don’t starve yourself all day which will only make you feel like eating everything in sight. Have a small snack an hour or so beforehand, then you can calmly choose from a buffet table and try out small potions of one or two of the most tempting dishes.

Fresh Instead of Fat

Always buy super-fresh bread and rolls, that way you won’t need butter or margarine.

Paper Test

Everything that leaves an oily residue on a kitchen towel or a napkin has lots of calories, so it is a good way of checking out biscuits, cakes and savouries.

Kept your hula-hoop?

With a daily 10 minutes, you’ll do wonders for your waist!

Eat Whole Oranges

Orange juice has plenty of vitamins, but if you are dieting, it is better to eat the whole fruit. It gives more bulk which helps you feel fuller and aids digestion.

Banana For Good Mood

One banana is ideal as an in-between snack. It is satisfying and contains serotonin, a substance that promotes a feeling of cheerfulness.

Slow Is Good

Do you often bolt down your food in a hurry? That deprives your system of the chance to report "satisfied". This takes 20 minutes, so make a point of saying to yourself, "I’ll always be the last one to finish eating."

Spices help you burn calories

Hot spices and sauces stimulate your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories. So use plenty of chilli, coriander and ginger in your cooking!

Shine adds kilos

The fashion for satiny leggings, stockings and pants is not for those with a few extra kilos; unfortunately, shine makes your legs look extra hefty.

Sweet tooth?

Are you unable to resist temptation once the chocolate box has been opened? Put one or two on a small plate as treats during the day, then pack the rest away out of sight.

Never eat in front of the TV

If you don’t concentrate on what you eat, you inevitably eat more, so never just settle down with a plate in front of the TV.

Put the music on

Exercise at home to your favourite beat. You’ll forget it is fitness ’work’, and have fun.

Tone on tone makes thin

Regardless of colour-strong red or any other colour-and style-a suit or a dress-one colour from head to toe makes you look taller and slimmer.

Pamper yourself

After each bout of exercise, pamper yourself with stimulating gels and groom your skin with body lotions.

Lots of water

Water fills up, so drink lots throughout the day. It will help you to eat less, and it also aids digestion. You should aim to drink two or three liters of water in a day. The higher your fluid intake, the easier it is for your body to rid itself of waste matter.

Note your good points

Write down what you like about yourself-pretty hands, a happy smile, beautiful hair. When you are happy, you are less likely to give up and dive into the biscuit tin!

Lemons help burn fat

Every now and then, drink the juice from a lemon.It stimulates and helps the fat-burning process.

Chew It Well

Choose foods that need a lot of chewing-whole-grain bread, apples, celery. That gives you a feeling of having had plenty to eat. Your digestion is helped by the good pre-digestion-through chewing-an added bonus.

Put your feet up

Make time to lie down on the floor and put your feet and legs up against a wall. Helps prevent varicose veins, and fights swollen legs due to water retention.

Control the volume

You would probably swear that you only put two teaspoonfuls of marmalade on your toast. Check it out-it could add up to six! Keep your teaspoon handy and gradually reduce the amount of marmalade or jam that you use.

Pineapple is tops

Fresh pineapple contains enzymes that stimulate the metabolism.

Think small

Giant flowers, massive checks, big design elements-they all add width. Make sure your clothes only feature small, neat patterns.

Heels give longer legs

Whether with pants or a skirt, heels are ’in’ again. Probably not quite as comfortable as flat sandals or trainers, but they make for longer, slimmer looking legs.

Best time for sport

Most people’s ’performance high’ is around 8 am to 10 am, and 5 pm to 8 pm. Remember: never start just after a meal.

Top up your water

If you are bored with endless glasses of plain mineral water, add a good squeeze of lemon.

Making wave

Running through shallow water is fun and good for shapelier legs, especially thighs and calves, and if you take long energetic strides, the shape of your hips and bottom will benefit too.


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