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Taking care of your mental health in this lockdown

Taking care of your mental health in this lockdown

All over social media we have been watching so much negative but real news. From people dying to the live videos of cremation grounds. People pleading for help to people posting about condolences.

Something like this can easily exhaust your mental health, specifically is that is the only thing you are feeding your mind while sitting on the phone whole day.

We have become so addicted to the smart phones that now even unknowingly our hands search for phone around us.

People are getting so extremely affected by the news that they are so scared even if it's a simple fever. Which is fine, staying cautious is good but when it starts taking a toll on your mental health and you keep thinking the worse, it is going to affect your body physically as well.

So how do we avoid it?

Simply by getting indulged in more productive and mindful things you can avoid your negative mindset.

Do not be involved with watching news the whole day. Read about news in the morning and maybe at night if u are extremely addicted just to keep yourself updated.

To get yourself out of this negativity ,put your mind into something which you enjoy doing. Like singing, or maybe painting or just simply cooking.

This is a great time for you to explore the things that you might love to do as a hobby. Try new things which you always wanted to try. Learn a new skill or just read a good book.

Another very weird but effective thing that you can do is dress up like you would when u go out to work or anywhere else, even while you are staying home.

This is going to make you feel productive and good about yourself and you will feel less lazy to just stay on the couch and stay in front of TV.

MEDITATE! Yes Meditate. Start Including this habit in your daily routine. Everyone know how amazing and beneficial meditating can be to calm an anxious mind. Getting a habit of doing that is not only going to transform your way of living but it will also get rid of negative thoughts.


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