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What Birth control is OK when you're Breastfeeding

What Birth control is OK when you're Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding also prevents effectively controlling birth which also reduces the actual chances of getting in pregnant, where the reason is only if you are in a condition of exclusively breastfeeding. You might have heard or read somewhere, that in general breastfeeding alone is normally the best form of birth control. While it is only partially true.

And in general, while the method includes which is reliable for only six months after the month of delivery of your baby. In general, the process to work, at the moment you must feed your baby at least for every four hours during the day time, and in every six hours at the night, and also to do not offer any supplement to the baby. However, which means that your baby eats should not eat anything wherein case nothing besides your milk.

The condition of getting in pregnancy wherein first will ovulate first, and then in the general case, if you do not get pregnant you have your first period about more than two weeks later. Which in case you probably will not know if you had ovulated, in a case where so there is the danger of getting pregnant when in the situation of breastfeeding to your baby. This type of method was not actually effective wherein a situation if your period has already returned.

While if for a case, are you concerned about preventing the pregnancy while breastfeeding, it’s also recommended a good idea, in general, to speak to your doctor to get the suggestions or about your options. You also may want to avoid actual birth control also which contains the hormone called estrogen. Estrogen has been linked in control to the lowered milk supply in breastfeeding of the mothers.

Birth Control Pills

You may have read or might be heard from your surrounding that some could curb your milk supply, it would make a situation harder to feed your baby as normal. After using pills it's, of course, it may affect, it’s true that some hormones also it may have that effect. But in case, not all actually do.

There are normally two types of birth control pills:

  • Combination in which ones include the hormones estrogen and progestin
  • Other pills which only have progestin. Some people call these the “mini-pill.”

There involve several various methods to get in prevented from birth control during the breastfeeding to your baby which involves.

  • Sponge, cap, or diaphragm
  • Implant
  • Depo-Provera shot
  • Natural family planning
  • Sterilization


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