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What causes infertility in women

What causes infertility in women

Infertility is a condition or problem of fertility, which means trying to get pregnant also with unprotected sex for more than 1 year and still proceeding with good results. Most of the condition is rarely get treated with natural methods without treatment Infertility also results from female factors about one-third of the time and both female and male factors about one-third of the time. In this condition, both should undergo a certain test which is caused by either unknown or a combination of male and female factors in the other cases.

The diagnose of female infertility causes a much challenging process. Their medical field was so advanced over their treatment and specification there have so many treatments, depending on the actual cause of infertility. There are so many couples who are affected with infertility issues who will go through the step to conceive a child without any treatment.

Cause of Condition

For to get good results in pregnancy, there involve so many steps while each and every step of the human reproduction process should happen correctly. In women, there have so many factors which can disrupt this process at any step. Female infertility can be caused by one or more of the factors below.

Ovulation problems

Ovulation problems may be caused by polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. This is a state of condition which are of hormonal imbalance which interferes with the process or the function of normal ovulation. POI is when your ovaries stop working properly before the age of 40, which by affecting your release of eggs or blocked and chances of getting pregnant.

Older age

According to the board services on Women's Health care, while many women are waiting so long period until their age of 30s and 40s to have children. About one-third of couples in which the woman is over 30 have fertility problems. Once the woman reaches 35 then the chances will be much more of fertility.


With the condition of endometriosis, the lining of tissues in the uterus appears to start growing on another side of the area like behind the uterus, in the fallopian tubes, in the abdomen, in the pelvis or the ovaries. That in-state usually causes irritation and scar tissue development in the place. While some women who are affected with endometriosis have no proper symptoms.

Unhealthy body weight

Keeping an inactive or poor type of lifestyle will basically affect our body or being overweight or in condition obese which can raise your risk of infertility and increase your risk of having a miscarriage and other major problems.


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