Winters With COVID 19

Are you safe these winters?

If you stay in India you will know how difficult it is to pass winter’s specially for people who are immuno compromised with diseases like asthma. With Diwali around the corner we know what a peak pollution is going to be at. But if you notice this year in 2020 pollution has already begun taking its highest toll way before any festival due to sudden increase in usage of vehicles after lockdown and dust spreading out of construction sites. Hence this year while the world face the burden of Covid 19, taking care of your health is going to be extremely challenging.

As we know covid 19 is a disease mainly affecting your respiratory system hence taking care of your lungs is very important in these difficult times, specially for people with lung diseases.

According to the data it has been noted that most people who were affected by this virus were the people who had pre existing problems related to their respiratory system. 

Around the time of winters most of the cities in India like Delhi NCR is surrounded by smog which is a combination of fog and smoke in the air. The only way to over come this situation is to educate people about it and about the need of planting trees and lowering the amount of pollution by one person as much as they individually can.

It all starts with an individual.

Lastly , providing proper care to seniors and children should be emphasized upon and immuno compromised people should be taken care of very specifically with handy emergency medications.



Rakesh Kumar

11 January 2021


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