Your mind is stronger than you think

According to the topic published in journal of applied psychology ,  we usually come out stronger then we think or then what our mind think is out limit . the mentality of “ tough times will pass “ helps a normal human being get through difficulties in life.

Even though according to the previous study it was stated that sometimes this process of staying positive in gruesome period can take a longer time but with the help of busy schedule due to work from home and online classes , people are staying more positive than it was assumed.

This means that even in the times of Covid 19 where the deadly virus has been a real challenge to face all over the world and the lifestyle shift that is being experienced because of it ,has still not demotivated people to stay hopeful  , and they are not having much difficulty is shifting their mindset according to the situation .

It was said that we can only go back to normal after the difficult situation has passed, but turns out it is not exactly true as humans have made their own rules about the new normal even in the times when virus is spreading like a wildfire to keep themselves and economy going . instead of waiting and sitting back to let things get normal and let the challenging times pass , people have evolved in their own ways to fight against the virus while keeping up with their progress .

This means that no matter how big the difficulty is or how demanding the times are , human mind has the tendency to be innovative to tackle with any kind of situation . like they say “you only know what you can go through when kept in deep waters ”  

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